Ebs multidrive universal overdrive pedal… #1383r

Ebs Multidrive Universal Overdrive PedalEbs Multidrive Universal Overdrive Pedal
The EBS MultiDrive is a Class A overdrive pedal capable of producing sustain, distortion, and tube-style overdrive effects. The mode switch selects flat, standard, or tube-simulation overdrive sounds while the Drive and Volume knobs control the amount ofClass A overdrive and distortion effectStandard, Flat, and Tube-simulation modesDrive and volume knobsPreserves entire frequency range of signalNoiseless switchingRugged construction
EBS Ebs Multidrive Universal Overdrive Pedal MultiDrive Amplifiers & Effects, Effects, Effects Pedals, Bass Effects Pedals

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Ebs Multidrive Universal Overdrive Pedal