Earthworks qtc30 omnidirectional microph… #1077y

Earthworks Qtc30 Omnidirectional MicrophoneEarthworks Qtc30 Omnidirectional Microphone
The QTC Series (Quiet Time Coherent) is designed for recording quieter sources such as vocals, strings and distant miked orchestras or choirs. These low-noise omnis are also an excellent choice for drum overheads, close-miked wind and percussion instrumenFrequency response to 30kHz and excellent impulse responseIdeal and affordable choice for recording applicationsIntended for detailed sourcesOmnidirectional polar patternFlat frequency response, fast impulse response and exceptional polar characteristicsAccurate and uncoloredHandles sound levels up to 142dB with no proximity effect or handling noiseRequires 48V Phantom Power
Earthworks Earthworks Qtc30 Omnidirectional Microphone QTC30 Pro Audio, Microphones & Wireless Systems, Microphones, Condenser Microphones

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Earthworks Qtc30 Omnidirectional Microphone