Earthworks 1024 four channel zdt preamp… #7434u

Earthworks 1024 Four Channel Zdt PreampEarthworks 1024 Four Channel Zdt Preamp
The Earthworks 1024 gives you four channels of ZDT. These preamps are difficult not to fall in love with. They are radical, truly an innovation in studio mic pres.The 1021 ZDT Zero Distortion Preamplifier is a half-rack single channel microphoZero Distortion – less than one part per millionHigh output level +30dBuVery Low Output Impedance will drive long lines without interference or signal lossTrue 48 volt phantom, polarity reverse & clip indicatorSeparate XLR & 1/4″ Phone (t-r-s) outputs, each with its own gain/level controls1/4″ Phone connector output will drive balanced or unbalanced inputsLowest Noise of any preamp on the marketAll Discrete Components; Class A Amplification (No ICs in the signal path)No Electrolytic Capacitors in the signal pathGreater Transparency with minimum signal path and minimum features
Earthworks Earthworks 1024 Four Channel Zdt Preamp 1024-ZDT Pro Audio, Signal Processors, Microphone Preamps

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Earthworks 1024 Four Channel Zdt Preamp