Dtar banjo soundspot pickup… #8137n

Dtar Banjo Soundspot PickupDtar Banjo Soundspot Pickup
The D-TAR Banjo Soundspot Pickup faithfully delivers the sound of any banjo. Simply place the Sounspot pickup under the bridge’s feet to capture all nuances of your banjo. SoundSpots are ultra-sensitive piezo crystal transducer pickups suitablDesigned to faithfully reproduce the banjoUltra-sensitive transducer pickupHand ground to extremely fine tolerancesVersions available for most acoustic instrumentsExtremely natural and warm soundingCrafted with high-grade materials for strength and flexibility
Dtar Dtar Banjo Soundspot Pickup 2-11-137-DPU-4BAN Accessories, Fretted Instrument Accessories & Parts, Fretted Instrument Pickups, Folk Instrument Pickups

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Dtar Banjo Soundspot Pickup