Drawmer a2/d2 dual output a/d converter… #5525l

Drawmer A2/D2 Dual Output A/D ConverterDrawmer A2/D2 Dual Output A/D Converter
The Drawmer A2/D2 has been meticulously designed to faithfully and transparently re-create your analog signal in digital format using as simple and intuitive a method as possible. The A2/D2 is a stereo A/D converter delivering simultaneous dual stereo outAccurate 24 segment peak reading LED bar meters shows incoming signal level from -50dBfs to 0dBfs plus separate overload LEDs. Dual input configuration allows either a fully variable input level from -2dBu to +28dBu via front panel rotary controls or 24 turn precision presets for a fully calibrated input. Each digital output has selectable word length of 16 or 24 bits, with automatic dither generation. The internal low jitter clock generator is Grade 1 AES standard. External clock input. 3 word clock outputs to allow the A2D2 to act as master clock generator. Burr Brown analog input stages. The A2D2 uses a linear power supply to minimize interference with the internal clocks.
Drawmer Drawmer A2/D2 Dual Output A/D Converter A2/D2 Pro Audio, Recording Gear, Audio Converters

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Drawmer A2/D2 Dual Output A/D Converter