Dimarzio dp416 area ’61 pickup white… #2994t

Dimarzio Dp416 Area '61 Pickup WhiteDimarzio Dp416 Area ’61 Pickup White
Drawing upon the steely, yet woody-sounding tonality of several pickups from the early ’60s, DiMarzio has produced a modern version of these vintage gems with no hum and less magnet pull. DiMarzio has been working on serious vintage single-coil design wit
DiMarzio Dimarzio Dp416 Area ’61 Pickup White DP416W Accessories, Fretted Instrument Accessories & Parts, Fretted Instrument Pickups, Guitar Pickups, Electric Guitar Pickups, Stratocaster Pickups (Humbucker)

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Dimarzio Dp416 Area ’61 Pickup White