Digitech bp200 bass modeling processor… #7397p

Digitech Bp200 Bass Modeling ProcessorDigitech Bp200 Bass Modeling Processor
It’s more than a bass when you run it through the DigiTech BP200 Bass Modeling Processor. 22 separate, usable effects types include models of your favorite amps and cabs, compression, fretless simulator, wah, chorus, flange, pitch shift, Whammy, YaYa, andAudioDNA DSP super chip Amp modeling Built-in expression pedal 11 award-winning amp models 20 effects include compression, cab modeling, 3-band EQ, noise gate, auto swell, chorus flanger, phaser, vibrato, octavider, envelope filter, detuner, pitch shifter, 3 delays, and 6 reverbs 9 simultaneous effects Wah, volume, and whammy via optional expression pedal 5 stompbox models Built-in drum machine with 30 patterns and variable tempo Rhythm Trainer Jam-A-Long input 24-bit A/D/A converters Easy-to-read display 40 factory/40 user presets Stereo output doubles as a headphone jack
DigiTech Digitech Bp200 Bass Modeling Processor USM-BP200 Amplifiers & Effects, Effects, Effects Pedals, Bass Effects Pedals

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Digitech Bp200 Bass Modeling Processor