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Digidesign Structure Le Sampler Virtual InstrumentDigidesign Structure Le Sampler Virtual Instrument
The LE edition of Digidesign’s Structure RTAS sampler workstation may not feature all the bells and whistles of it’s bigger brother, but regardless, it’s an amazing instrument for Pro Tools users, and comes at nearly a third of the cost. You lose some feaAdvanced RTAS sample player designed and optimized for Pro ToolsDelivers superior performance and unprecedented reliability (0ptimized sample player integration available with Pro Tools 7.3 or higher software)Includes professional 3GB sound library from Digidesign’s Advanced Instrument Resarch group (A.I.R.)Plays your unencrypted SampleCell, KONTAKT 1 and 2, and EXS24 sound librariesDrag-and-drop Pro Tools regions into the sample player for easy custom sound creationPowerful database and integrated file browser make finding sounds and managing them easyIntegrated stereo and surround multi-effects processing engine offers over 20 effects types and hundreds of effects presetsAdvanced sound engine supports up to 8-channel multitimbral playback per Structure instance and 256-note polyphonySupports all common bit depths, sample rates, and surround formats, up to 24-bit/192 kHz/7.1 surroundSurround/stereo main outputs and three stereo auxiliary outputs allow discrete source mixing and processing6 context-dependent Smart Knobs enable fast access to the most important sound sculpting parametersPowerful hands-on, real-time control of the player using a Digidesign control surface, or MIDI controller via MIDI LearnIntegrated REX player allows you to play REX 1 and 2 files
Digidesign Digidesign Structure Le Sampler Virtual Instrument 9910-58005-00 Pro Audio, Music Software, Virtual Instruments Software, Software Synths & Samplers Software

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Digidesign Structure Le Sampler Virtual Instrument