Denon dn-x1600 4-channel digital dj mixe… #5613w

Denon Dn-X1600 4-Channel Digital Dj MixerDenon Dn-X1600 4-Channel Digital Dj Mixer
The Denon DN-X1600 digital DJ mixer offers superb sound quality, durability, reliability, operability, and visibility. Based on the same core engine as Denon DJ’s flagship DN-X1700, the DN-X1600 is an extremely affordable and versatile 4-channel digital m4-channel digital DJ mixer with studio quality components and specifications Internal 32-bit floating DSP processing and 32-bit DAC output for best possible sound 24-bit, 96khz USB 2.0 audio interface (soundcard) 4in/4out (stereo) PC/MAC compatible Low-latency 32/64-bit ASIO driver for PC included DVS direct mode (CD/vinyl) for DJ applications using control signal operation (timecode) Traktor Scratch certification to be announced soon USB MIDI In/Out and 5-pin MIDI Out Fully MIDI mappable with additional focused area of up to 4 MIDI pages by parameter knobs and buttons Dual-layer control available – MIDI/normal audio Independent effector with 14 effects available: delay, echo, trans, flanger, filter, phaser, reverb, echo, reverb, loop, rev. loop, pitch shift, pingpong delay, beat scratch, beatbreaker, send/return World’s first DJ mixer to feature V-Link – allows DJ performers to simultaneously integrate audio and video control over MIDI through EDIROL’s V-4/V-8 models 2-way EFX parameter filter (LPF/HPF) Independent EFX insert for, channel, mic, and master Matrix input assignment for line/phono and selectable USB audio, digital input Phono amplifier with high S/N ratio, equivalent to Denon Hifi products Discrete transistor construction for mic amplifier to realize a studio console class’ low noise level (EIN 126dB) High sound quality, high output headphone amplifier 45mm crossfader (Flex Fader) with tension adjust 60mm, custom Alps-type channel faders Fader contour control for channel and crossfader Fader start function (channel/cross fader) Crossfader assignment function: (A, B, thru) Independent 3-band isolator EQ with kills (high-mid-low) Large FL tube display with various indicators for super-easy navigation Selectable digital output (44.1/48/96kHz) Balanced/unbalanced master output Balanced booth output 2 mic inputs with ducking level and attack time control Send/return control for external effectors Extensive utility menu to customize user settings Preset import/export function by USB memory device (take your settings to another X1600/X1700 mixer) Large capacitor and large-diameter winding wire for transformer Ideal grounding construction protecting from external noise
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Denon Dn-X1600 4-Channel Digital Dj Mixer