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Decibel Eleven Split Personality Amp SwitcherDecibel Eleven Split Personality Amp Switcher
The Decibel Eleven Split Personality gives you unprecedented switching control. It is the first MIDI addressable amp switcher, which means you can change your effects and your amp simultaneously with the tap of a footswitch.When running multipClassic AB/Y format with additional mute optionClass-A, all discrete, high impedance buffer – eliminates losses due to splitting and allows driving long cable runs without high frequency loss.Second output is transformer isolated and includes a ground lift switch to eliminate the noise and hum from ground loops High quality transformer – provides extremely flat frequency response even when driving lower impedance line inputsSecond output includes a phase reversal switch – corrects any polarity mismatch between two amplifiersIncreased headroom – allows for hot signals without clippingOptional mute function – for muting both outputsMIDI Control – allows remote access to 128 custom presets using MIDI program changes and/or direct switch control using MIDI continuous controller messages Power Requirement: 9V – 12VDC input12VDC power adapter includedDimensions: (W x D x H) 4.8″ x 3.75″ x 1.58? Weight: 2Ibs5 Year Warranty
Decibel Eleven Decibel Eleven Split Personality Amp Switcher DB11-SP Amplifiers & Effects, Effects, Effects Pedals, Switch Effects Pedals

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Decibel Eleven Split Personality Amp Switcher