Dbx zonepro 640 speaker processor… #8344p

Dbx Zonepro 640 Speaker ProcessorDbx Zonepro 640 Speaker Processor
With 6 inputs and 4 outputs the dbx ZonePRO 640 provides flexible signal routing, powerful DSP processing and multiple control interfaces for Commercial Audio applications.Designed to offer superior system sonic performance and flexibility, thAdvanced Feedback Suppression (AFS)AutowarmthAuto Gain ControlCompressionLimitingNoise GatingNotch FilteringBandpass and Crossover FiltersParametric EQSecurity LockoutWall Panel ControlRS-232 ControlWindows 2000 and XP GUIIEC, UL and CSA Approvals
dbx Dbx Zonepro 640 Speaker Processor 640 Pro Audio, Signal Processors, Signal Routing

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Dbx Zonepro 640 Speaker Processor