Dbx zonepro 1260m speaker processor… #4076r

Dbx Zonepro 1260M Speaker ProcessorDbx Zonepro 1260M Speaker Processor
The ZonePRO 1260m offers fixed I/O, pre-configured architecture, configurable insert processing and optional duplication of audio channels to another ZonePRO device via a link bus.The 1260m features a total of 12 inputs and six outputs. Inputs12 Inputs / 6 Outputs6 Balanced Mic/Line Inputs4 Unbalanced, Mono-Summed RCA Input PairsS/PDIF InputMicrophone Gain per ChannelPre-Configured ArchitectureTwo Configurable Input Insert PositionsOne Configurable Output Insert PositionAutoWarmth per Output ZoneLink BusComprehensive Signal MeteringFront Panel LCD9 User-Specified Front Panel ControlOptional ZC ControllersEthernet ControlSerial ControlThird Party ControlWizard-Driven Configuration
dbx Dbx Zonepro 1260M Speaker Processor DBX1260MV Pro Audio, Signal Processors, Signal Routing

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Dbx Zonepro 1260M Speaker Processor