Dbx 120a subharmonic synth… #1387f

Dbx 120A Subharmonic SynthDbx 120A Subharmonic Synth
The dbx 120A Subharmonic Synth delivers the throbbing low-end bass you want. It produces new, Waveform Modeled bass notes an octave below the bass in the original audio-smooth, musical, and floor-shaking even when output at system levels well below systemIndividual control for two ranges of subharmonic frequencies Separate low-frequency boost circuit Separate subwoofer output 1/4″ balanced inputs and outputs RCA input connectors Front-panel LEDs show crossover status and synthesis activity Patented circuitry ensures that mid and high frequencies are not affected Built-in crossover with choice of 80Hz or 120Hz crossover point Enhance bass audio material for use in such applications as nightclub and dance mixing, theater and film sound, music recording, live music performance, and broadcasting
dbx Dbx 120A Subharmonic Synth DBX120A Pro Audio, Signal Processors, Sound Enhancers & Exciters

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Dbx 120A Subharmonic Synth