Dangerous music master transfer console… #3746y

Dangerous Music Master Transfer ConsoleDangerous Music Master Transfer Console
The Dangerous Master integrates Analog Processing into the Modern Mastering Environment by providing insert loops, sum & difference (mid-side) processing, monitoring level offset and stereo image width control, thus transforming your current high-endMastering-Grade Components: Components selected for both performance and sound, tested to draconian tolerances, breathe the analog soul back to life for stunning imaging, headroom, punch and detail.DC-Coupled: No transformers that color your sound or filter caps that smear stereo. Instead, DC coupling with massive voltage rails and Mogami point-to-point wiring for simple, electronic elegance. Bandwidth from DC to light.Audio Transparency: A pristine canvas for painting sonic landscapes utilizing your own personal arsenal of plug-ins and outboard gear.Hand-Assembled In USA: Avoids 6,000 miles of oceanic circuit board rattling, while keeping Americans employed.Stringent Quality Control: An exceptionally low failure rate keeps you in the studio mixing, not at the UPS store shipping repairs.Warranty: 2 years, because it’s built to last a lifetime.
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Dangerous Music Master Transfer Console