Cherub tuner metronome combo… #4857n

Cherub Tuner Metronome ComboCherub Tuner Metronome Combo
The Cherub 3 in 1 Metro-Tuner is a handy tool for warmup or practice of your instrument. It’s capable of analyzing a wide range of notes, either with its built-in mic or by plugging in an electronic instrument. It can also play concert pitches in 4 keys tTuning range: E1 (41.2 Hz) – A6 (1760 Hz) Reference frequency: A4 (435 ~ 445 Hz). Keys: C, F, B , E Tap tempo range: 30 ~ 230 bpm Input: Mic or 1/4 in jack Dimensions: 98 (W) x 64(H) x 15(D) mm Weight: 150g Power: 3V (2 x AAA) Alkaline (LR03)
Cherub Cherub Tuner Metronome Combo WMT-555C Accessories, Tuners & Metronomes, Tuners

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Cherub Tuner Metronome Combo