Cakewalk pyro audio creator… #2571c

Cakewalk Pyro Audio CreatorCakewalk Pyro Audio Creator
Pyro Audio Creator is an excellent choice to permanently capture your sound. Pyro combines all the essential audio tools needed in today’s digital age. With the Audio Creator’s virtual toolbox, you are just a click away from recording and editing; burning1-click recording: capture musical performances, meetings, vinyl records, cassettes, podcasts, Internet broadcasts, and more Professional 2-track audio editing: cut, trim, paste, hiss & pop removal, adjust volumes, crossfades, apply FX, and more Encode, convert, and save audio to popular formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, and AIFF Convert audio to formats that can be used with iTunes, iPod, Zune, and other digital audio players Digitize, clean, and organize your record and cassette collection Rip your entire CD collection to a digital format Instantly download the song, album, and artist names of your CDs Burn audio CDs to share with family and friends Create backup data CDs for safekeeping Tag, rename, and organize multiple audio files all at once Upload custom streaming music players to share on Myspace, Blogger, and other web sites
Cakewalk Cakewalk Pyro Audio Creator 10-CWAC1.00-10C Pro Audio, Music Software, DAW Software

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Cakewalk Pyro Audio Creator