Blue nessie adaptive usb microphone… #6617v

Blue Nessie Adaptive Usb MicrophoneBlue Nessie Adaptive Usb Microphone
Nessie is a intelligent desktop USB recording microphone with adaptive technology that instantly delivers studio-enhanced sound for recording vocals, instruments, voiceovers, and more.Designed to combat the most common pitfalls of recording, NCustom-tuned cardioid condenser capsuleBuilt-in pop filterSerpentine adjustable headInternal shockmountZero-latency headphone outputInstant muteThree recording modesHeadphone volumeUSB to Mac or PCMute/status indicatorAdaptive studio processing onboard
BLUE Blue Nessie Adaptive Usb Microphone 2025 Pro Audio, Microphones & Wireless Systems, Microphones, USB Microphones

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Blue Nessie Adaptive Usb Microphone