Beats by dre mixr black… #1442g

Beats By Dre Mixr BlackBeats By Dre Mixr Black
When Beats teamed up with powerhouse DJ and producer David Guetta, they embarked on a journey to develop both a loud and lightweight headphone that would excel in nightclubs. The Mixr headphones are the culmination of David Guetta’s challenge for Beats byLight and powerful on-ear headphones designed for DJsDeveloped and designed with Grammy-award winning DJ/producer David GuettaDesigned to be heard over loud parties and club sound systemsDeliver extremely deep bass at extraordinarily high volumeRotating ear cups swivel back behind the ears, then rotate back for total isolationDual input and daisy chain connectors, easy to share what you’re listening toFlexible and tough housing, built to withstand the rigors of DJ lifeLightweight headband, easily foldable for travel
Beats By Dre Beats By Dre Mixr Black MH6M2AM/A Pro Audio, Headphones, DJ Headphones

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Beats By Dre Mixr Black