B-52 18-220s 18″” 1000w cast frame subwo… #9316f

B-52 18-220S 18B-52 18-220S 18″” 1000W Cast Frame Subwoofer Speaker
The 18-220S 18″ Cast Frame Subwoofer Speaker is built to engineering perfection using the most innovative design concepts and materials. B-52 transducers are manufactured to maximum tolerances by some of the most well-respected engineers in the world. AllMulti-layer, precision-wound polyamide voice coils create superior electro-mechanical energy conversionRigid, heat dissipating cast-aluminum or steel frames provide ultimate motor structure supportDeep, bumped back plates allow the voice coil to reach maximum excursion without bottoming-out, resulting in deep bassAdvanced cone materials with superior internal damping mean ultra-fast transient response and super-low distortionTough, flexible surround with long-throw, positive-roll design, control extreme cone excursion and is highly tear-resistantVented pole piece pumps air through the magnetic gap and directly over and around the voice-coil
B-52 B-52 18-220S 18″” 1000W Cast Frame Subwoofer Speaker B-52 18-220S Accessories, PA Speaker Parts, Replacement PA Speakers

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B-52 18-220S 18″” 1000W Cast Frame Subwoofer Speaker