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Avid Torq 2.0 Dj Performance SoftwareAvid Torq 2.0 Dj Performance Software
Torq 2.0 DJ software takes you beyond beatmatching and into the future of DJ performance and realtime production. Don’t just spin tracksreinvent them. Take advantage of all four decks to create unique, complex, and dynamic mixes. Develop your own sound uCue, beat-match, and mix digital audio files (including MP3, AIFF, WAV, WMA, AAC, and CD audio) Organize digital audio files (including iTunes libraries) into an updated, easily searchable database that can handle tens of thousands of tracks Use crates and playlists to organize tracks 4 full-featured decks for loading and playing files, each with EQ, level control, headphone cueing, and crossfade 6 cue points Standalone functionality with no hardware peripherals required Compatibility Compatible with select M-Audio DJ hardware including Xponent and Conectiv Compatible with select third-party audio interfaces and DJ controllers including Numark NS7, Vestax VCI-300, and others Compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered, Ableton Live, and other audio production software via ReWire Control Vinyl and CDJ emulation control modes Utilize turntables or DJ CD players to control your tracks (requires a compatible audio interface and Torq Control Vinyl/CDs, sold separately): Skip Protection keeps the music playing even if the Control Vinyl or CD skips; True Key Lock keeps the pitch constant when adjusting external turntable speed Controllable via mouse, keyboard, and/or MIDI controller Transmit/receive MIDI beat clock for sync with other hardware/software and easy switching between DJs MIDI soft takeover prevents parameter jumps when using external controllers Tempo and Pitch Alteration Tempo Anchors allow marking tracks with varying temposeffects and samples follow the tempo changes in the song Tempo Anchors enable you to eliminate tempo variations, making it easy to mix varied songs Tempo Master assigns a playing track to serve as the master tempo source for all tempo-related functions zplane’s &eacute:lastique time stretching/compression technology for sophisticated beatmatching and pitch alteration Effects and Live Remixing 13 high-quality built-in effects including filter, phaser, strobe, delay, flanger, reverb, distortion, repeat, brake, reverse, and more Patent-pending Traq Morph feature transforms your sound with unique filter, cut, duck, and morph effects as you crossfade between tracks Comes with over 100MB of ready-made loops to feed the sampler Supports optional third-party VST effects Up to four simultaneous effect inserts per deck Internal effects can be grouped into effects chains VST effect tempo synchronizes with tempo of playing deck Effects can be used in a post-fader configuration Snapshots let you recall settings and configurations with a single keystroke 18-cell, tempo-synced sampler
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Avid Torq 2.0 Dj Performance Software