Auralex atom-12 system burgundy… #2486t

Auralex Atom-12 System BurgundyAuralex Atom-12 System Burgundy
In the ATOM-12 System, you get 4 – 12″ CornerFill Cubes and 12 LENRD Bass Traps. Installed in the usual way, LENRDs are the most effective small bass traps on the market, but when installed in the ATOM-12 System with CornerFill Cubes, you get serious low-4 – 12″ CornerFill Cubes12 LENRD Bass Traps
Auralex Auralex Atom-12 System Burgundy ATOM12BUR Accessories, Studio Furniture, Acoustic Treatments

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Auralex Atom-12 System Burgundy