American dj oslim clamp 1.5″”… #5065i

American Dj Oslim Clamp 1.5American Dj Oslim Clamp 1.5″”
The Oslim Clamp is a 1.5″ wide, 360-degree clamp that securely wraps around truss tubing ensuring your lighting fixture won’t go anywhere. The clamp is designed to be non scuffing, scratching, scoring or denting.360-degree clamp that wraps around truss tubingSecurely mounts fixtures to trussNon scuffing – Non scratching – Non scoring – Non dentingWorks great for the ADJ LTS-1, LTS-2, and LTS-30 lighting stands
American DJ American Dj Oslim Clamp 1.5″” OSL150 Pro Audio, Lighting & Stage Effects, Lighting Stands, Truss & Hardware

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American Dj Oslim Clamp 1.5″”