American dj duo station controller… #5976q

American Dj Duo Station ControllerAmerican Dj Duo Station Controller
The American DJ Duo Station features two controllers in one – a basic 3-channel RGB LED controller and an 8-channel On/Off switching system. The basic RGB LED controller controls any standard 3-channel RGB fixture where channel 1 is Red, channel 2 is GreeLED Control Features:Basic 3-channel RGB LED controller designed to control any standard 3-channel RGB fixture where channel 1 is Red, channel 2 is Green, and channel 3 is Blue9 static color buttonsHold COLOR buttonColor Select buttonProgram Select button: 16 single and multicolor chase programsAuto button: activates the 16 chase programs to randomly sequence while the speed of the chases can be controlled via the SPEED potentiometerSound active button: activates 16 chase programsBlackout button zeros output on the LED control side3 manual RGB potentiometers: allows you to dial in a desired color on the flyRGB potentiometers double as Program Select, Chase Speed, and Flash/Sensitivity manual controlsRelay Control (On/Off):8 buttons to switch relative channels on/offRelay Pack:DMX & Stand Alone operation modesDMX input & output connectors: 3-pin XLRDip switches for DMX addressing and work mode setting1- year manufacturer’s warranty
American DJ American Dj Duo Station Controller DUO STATION Pro Audio, Lighting & Stage Effects, Lighting Controllers & Dimmer Packs

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American Dj Duo Station Controller