Acoustagrip protege shoulder rest red… #5089t

Acoustagrip Protege Shoulder Rest RedAcoustagrip Protege Shoulder Rest Red
The Protg violin/viola shoulder rests offer three unique layers of acoustical material, each of a different density and responsiveness. One layer is made from a special acoustical material, delivering superior sound and utmost comfort and a secure holdThree-layer design (special acoustical materials/added protection/micro-air technology)Moisture control prevents slippageErgonomic design for most favored angle for sound projection
AcoustaGrip Acoustagrip Protege Shoulder Rest Red PR001 Orchestral Strings, Accessories for Orchestral Strings, Replacement Parts for Orchestral Strings, Rests & Pads, Violin & Viola Rests & Pads

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Acoustagrip Protege Shoulder Rest Red